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Thanks to their outstanding properties, diamond electrodes have displayed steady market growth in recent years. They can do amazing things in particular in water treatment and electrochemical synthesis.

They have a particularly wide electrochemical window, which makes it possible, for example, to produce extremely strong oxidising agents such as OH-radicals directly from water without adding any further chemicals.

Many years of development, extensive field tests and use on an industrial scale over a long period of time in aggressive media affirm that DiaCCon diamond electrodes offer excellent long-term stability.

Elektrode Baerbel www

Standard electrode

Bärbel type

(excluding terminal lug):

250 mm x 150 mm


Active electrode surface area:

750 cm2


Layer thickness:

≥ 12 µm

Elektrode Barbara www

Standard electrode

Barbara type

(excluding terminal lug):

500 mm x 150 mm


Active electrode surface area:

1500 cm2


Layer thickness:

≥ 12 µm


Expanded metal electrodes

Expanded metal grates in a wide range of different designs with and without contacting elements welded on.


Special geometries

Geometries produced specifically to meet customer requirements.

Economical production thanks to waterjet cutting.

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Welded electrodes

Particularly large-scale electrodes or complicated geometries can be produced by welding.


Substrates used:

Niobium (standard material), silicon, tantalum, graphite, ceramics

Coatable geometries:

Boards, expanded metal grates, rods, 3D geometries

Coatable dimensions:

Standard types: 500mm x 150mm (Plate electrode)
  250mm x 150mm (Plate electrode)

Small sizes in small quantities can be fabricated economically through the use of waterjet cutting. Larger dimensions are possible on request. Very large-scale types or types with complicated shapes can also be welded.

Diamond layer types:

Electrically conductive diamond (boron-doped) Minimum layer thickness 12 µm (standard), up to 100 µm possible