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The anode is an electrode that is connected to the positive pole. On its surface oxidation takes place. It is the counter electrode to the cathode.


The cathode is an electrode that is connected to the negative pole. On its surface reduction takes place. It is the counter electrode to the anode.


Abbreviation for chemical oxygen demand. It is an expression for water pollution.


Abbreviation for Chemical Vapour Deposition.


Diamond consists of carbon in its cubic modification. It is the hardest natural material and has the highest thermal conductivity.

diamond coating

Ultra hard coating consisting of synthetic in CVD-process generated diamond.

Diamond electrodes

Electrodes for electrochemical applications which have the highest overpotential for water decomposition.


Abbreviation for Diamond Like Carbon. DLC is in comparison to real diamond an amorphous carbon coating only.


An electrolyser consists of several electrical connected electrodes and is used for electrochemical transformation of substances in liquids.

Mechanical seal

Mechanical seals are sealing a rotating shaft against the atmosphere and are typically made of at least two sliding faces.


The Hydroxy-radical consists of a Hydrogen and an Oxygen atom und is a strong oxidizer.

Oxidizing agents

An oxidizing agent oxidized a substance and is reduced itself thereby.


Ozone consists of three Oxygen atoms and is a strong oxidizer.